Our Program Works


The Dermalogics Acne Program focuses on getting results

Acne can be one of the most frustrating conditions to deal with, if the underlying causes are not properly understood.

There are many misconceptions about acne, and many treatments available that will promise miracles. However, at Dermalogics we recognize that there are no miracle cures with acne treatments. Acne can be difficult to control, since there is no cure for it.

Our approach is based on intelligent scientific facts, proven procedures, and a clear understanding of the acne process.

We know what works

We also know what steps to take when one treatment path does not work, and most importantly, we know how to manage and improve the after effects of acne – scars and skin discolorations. These are especially important for clients with ethnic and darker skin.

With our program, we will not promise miracles

Rather, we aim for significant improvement, less acne, a better quality of life, smoother skin, and a more even skin-tone. These are all possible with your commitment to our program – clear skin really is possible, but only with your help and commitment.

It is very easy to give up on acne treatments

With our specially chosen Dermalogics medically formulated skin care products, professional treatments, nutritional counseling, and even a little bit of ancient Eastern civilization secrets, we can produce exceptional results.

A range of active ingredients

The active ingredients used in our concentrated treatments are excellent resurfacing, exfoliative, anti-oxidant and collagen stimulating – the same pure ingredients used in expensive anti-aging treatments. Therefore our products are also anti-aging, protective, youthening, and skin firming.

Your program is customized

Each program for each patient is customized, and we provide support forms to help your patient understand their skin, map their acne, and de-mystify their breakouts. Our program and products, importantly, are affordable. Our products are safe and targeted for teenagers, adults, and all skin colors.